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Poran Poregbal, MA, RSW, RCC

Poran is a Group therapist, Clinical Counsellor, public speaker, writer, and educator.  Poran  has a professional background and extensive training  in the field of Social Work, Clinical Counselling, Anthropology, Ethnic Science, Vocational Rehabilitation, Victim Support, Conflict Resolution, and Mediation.

Upon graduating from Adler’s School of Professional Counseling, Poran founded GV Counselling and Education Society to follow her long-time passion for providing Farsi Speaking communities’ quality of mental health care services. Poran offers clinical supervision to professionals in her community.
Poran works for Vancouver General Hospital, Outpatient Psychiatry as well as she maintain a private practice. In addition, Poran is associate therapist for British Columbia Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse since 2004.  Poran’s clinical orientation is mainly trauma and PTSD.   Poran works with survivors of sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, anxiety, stress, and grief and loss.

She is two times Award Recipient from B.C. Association Clinical Counsellors (2011 and 2014), and, Award Recipient from West Vancouver Community Awards for Health, Wellness and Activity (2014).


بهترین فرصت برای ایجاد تغییر و تحولات مثبت در زندگی  زناشویی و روابط عاطفی: 

تکنیکهای کارآمد برای ایجاد روابط سالم وشاد در زندگی زناشویی

روابط زناشویی فراتر از مهریه، گل و شکلات

انواع سیستم‌های دلبستگی از کودکی تا بزرگسالی و تاثیرات الگوهای کودکی در زندگی امروز


مشخصات رابطه عاطفی تکامل یافته و سرشار از عشق و امنیت

بازسازی آسیب‌های دوران کودکی و قطع تاثیرات آنها در ازدواج

قضاوت ، سمتگیری اطرافیان وخانواده‌ها (مادر من - مادر تو)

چاله‌های فکری در ازدواج

تغییر رفتار برخی افراد پس از امضای قرارداد ازدواج