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Children always notice their parents, even the tiniest of details. Parents without realizing, influence children.

Your Family Environment 

There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child. This is true because every adult that a child meets can help or hinder that child. Children look up to adults and hold them a minimum standard of behaviour. When adults outside the home fail to live up to the examples that parents have taught a child, it undermines the authority of parents. The actions of adults are perceived by children as license to do the same things. In the same way, whatever limiting beliefs the adults in an environment hold will also be transferred to the children in that environment. It is not enough that a family has a father and mother present and is stable financially. If there is drug abuse, violence and prostitution on the streets, at least one of the children may go down that path. This is because even up until late teenage, young people copy others more than they think for themselves. Therefore the images that are held up to the eyes of a child matter a lot.

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