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Counsellor & Consultant / Teacher

Jeff holds two international certifications in addiction counselling and as a clinical supervisor in both Canada and the USA. Since 1994, he has been trained and mentored by some of the leading thinkers and therapists in Vancouver, BC. Jeff continues this learning process by co-creating ideas and receiving mentorship from both Dr. Michael and Dr. Ann Wilson, founders and directors of the Phoenix Society in British Columbia.

He has worked in the area addictions for close to twenty-five years and has closely watched and engaged a constant changing landscape on how we work with the challenges of substance misuse in our communities.


His passion and areas of interest are focused on the creative aspects of wellness and self-actualization. As a creative and authentic thinker, he values the wisdom of the people he works with, and provides the background for them to access a wider choice of range and action.

Jeff has personally experienced and found resolution to the many issues and barriers that prevent one from finding freedom and moving forward. He brings forward a genuine understanding & empathy that gives him the ability to connect with both the youth and adults he works with.

Over the years, he has worked in almost every aspect of the continuum of care in British Columbia. This includes working in residential supportive recovery, outpatient treatment, detox and operating an addiction recovery residential youth program. Over these past ten years, his work has expanded beyond working in the scope of addictions, and now also assists people with anxiety issues, depression and providing supports for the partners or families of individuals affected by substance misuse.

Along with his private practice and teaching, Jeff is also the executive director and primary counsellor at place of refuge transitional housing program in Vancouver. He provides a long-term residential program that assists the residents with all aspects of second stage recovery needs. This includes, counselling, life skills, education and employment planning. He also sits on the advisory board of directors at Seattle City University in Vancouver, BC for their graduate counselling program.

Jeff lives in Vancouver and has a private counselling and consulting practice.


#1-Reflective Group for Families of People involved with Substance Abuse

Saturday, August 25th, 2018

12 pm - 4 pm

Substance abuse affects not only the person who uses drugs, but also with those closest to him or her. The relationship to substances often affects a person, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. All of these relationships can have a profound effect on ones self and those around us.


Where do we go and who do we talk to receive support and answers to these very difficult questions?


Jeff Borden has been working with employers, families, partners and children of the individual (s) who have experienced addiction issues for over twenty years, and has found success in bringing people together, to explore the moral ground and provide supports while facilitating healthy constructive boundaries.


Jeff approaches these challenges with kindness and support, but also believes clear communication is paramount to change.


This workshop will provide ideas and approaches to support each other while giving opportunity and strategy for the individual who is using substances. Some of these ideas are drawn from basic moral principles that we live by to function in healthy relationships with each other and the community we live in.


Jeff has worked with many different strategies to assist all people that are affected by the individual substance user. He has come to the conclusion that supportive and clear boundaries coming from a place with love, often have a much more positive affect than pushing someone out of their life completely. This approach he calls constructive and supportive response, with someone who is pushing the limits on the people closest to him or her.


Chronic addiction has a huge impact on all aspects of relationships.

Some of these include, finances and economy, legal involvement and ones ability to be honest with themselves and those around them. Moreover, it can bring anger and hostility into the family system where individual responsibility of the user becomes projected onto the other people in their lives. This creates fear and frustration and families and loved ones feel they have nowhere to turn.


Jeff will bring ideas and solutions for workshop participants on how to communicate in a healthy, positive and solution focused way.

This will involve the value of commitment and clarity with each other and how to move forward with your own life.

There will be a focus on creating supportive networks and working within the community to bring this very important conversation out of the shadows.

Addiction must be self-diagnosed on one level by the individual who uses drugs and rarely does long-term change take place unless they have a value in the idea of stopping their use. Once all avenues seem to have been exhausted with providing, psychotherapy or treatment, there is still hope.


Jeff will draw ideas and strategies from his own personal experiences ands will look closely at these options and discuss how families and loved ones can work within this context.


Over the past six years, Jeff has been directing a nine bed-housing program, that provides counseling for people who have addiction issues. He also provides counseling to the families and loved ones connected in their lives. His philosophy is to work collaboratively with all people involved in the person’s life.

This has shown benefit in many ways, specifically with helping someone move out of isolation from their addiction.

(4hours – with a short break at mid point)

Your investment: $99+GST

#2- Supporting teenagers and young adults involved with Substance Use

Sunday, August 26th, 2018

12 pm - 4 pm

Historically in all cultures and generations young adults go through a process of multi level challenges and barriers.

This is a common theme that needs conversation and an arena for expression and open dialogue.


Far to often young people find it difficult to express their concerns in a safe and supportive environment. This can cause barriers with their ideas and thoughts and can potentially create a sense of isolation for them.


Young people are in the exploring stages of their lives and need to express themselves. These are the years in their lives that passion and ideas emerge and the making of decisions is crucial for them to not only succeed in their lives but to find what their passion is.

This is a time that we create our friendships, explore our sexuality and define our personality – who are we? How do we want to be perceived?

Are we happy with our direction and how we feel about our life?

Where do I go when I need to talk about personal issues and is this ok?


Keeping in mind that we live in a world that is overloaded with information by virtue of media, social networking and multi layered expectations, one can sometimes be overwhelmed by how to make sense of it all and essentially apply this into their own lives in a healthy manner.


This workshop will explore all of these ideas and themes and will be presented from the speaker’s own personal experiences from his own life and the many years of working with youth and young adults.

This will be presented in a lecture format from the onset of the workshop and then the second half will be an open dialogue / question and answer format.


Jeff will also present ideas and solutions in a variety of themes.

This will include, music, suggested readings and films for the participants to view. We will share collaborative and creative solutions and ideas to enhance and broaden their range of choice and action.


Jeff will provide an opening talk about all of these ideas, and will create the space for an interactive dialogue to address all of these themes.

He will encourage interaction and questions throughout the workshop.

(4hours – with a short break at mid point)

Your investment: $99+GST

#3- Creative Approaches to working with Substance Use

An Interactive Dialogue

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

12 pm- 4 pm

This workshop will be an exploration into the historical approaches of working with the language of “addiction” and the developments and progress we have seen in the past several years.


Jeff has seen the modalities used in the professional community dramatically change and believes that creativity is paramount within all aspects of our work.


Noticing the medical model (disease concept) to harm reduction and the now the current bio psychosocial model used in Canada, there have been both benefits and challenges and limitations with these approaches.


The lenses that Jeff puts his focus on are the “relationships” and working with families and the communities that they live in.


Marginalization, disconnect and the profiling of a person who is affected by substance use present even more complexities.

Jeff believes the opposite of addiction is not only recovery but a human connection as well.


The art of true listening and getting out of our own way opens up endless creative ways to assist helping someone move into a larger range of choice and action.

Empowerment is not only self-directed but equally collaborated with the people, communities and values we collectively need to honor.


Jeff will provide an opening talk about all of these ideas, and will open the space for an interactive dialogue to address all of these ideas


Jeff will provide an opening talk about all of these ideas, and will create the space for an interactive dialogue to address all of these themes.

He will encourage interaction and questions throughout the workshop.

(4hours – with a short break at mid point)

Your investment: $99+GST


#4- Exploring healthy relationships and cooperative agreements with both adults and teenagers

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018 

12 pm - 4 pm 


#5- Opening a Dialogue to Bridge Relational Barriers

Saturday, October 6th, 2018 

12 pm - 4 pm

#6- Self care for the caregiver and the move towards individual freedom and happiness

Sunday, October 7th, 2018

12 pm - 4 pm